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My daughter works in a smoke shop, selling pipes, electronic cigarettes, and stuff related to its subculture which is heavily influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, reggae, Cheech and Chong...you get the idea. ^.^ Her boss, a nice, lively woman, invites me (non smoker except for the very occasional clove cigarette) occasionally to sit with her and visit while we smoke hookah. Last night, we wandered into the smoking lounge to share a bowl of some new incredible smelling shisha...coconut, vanilla, and an aromatic like thyme, I think...she wanted me to try. I usually develop a little buzz when I do hookah, but last night, whatever was in that particular shisha almost knocked me on my ass as it went straight to my head. >.< Still...enjoyed the company, conversation, and music, and my daughter now wants to gift me a hookah of my very own. Very thoughtful of her and I rather like the idea of having my own at home.


Still feeling the effects slightly with my foggy head and lead feet. :P Makes me wonder what smoking a hookah would be like with Ron or Luna.

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Good morning...a chilly good morning in South Texas. I really never thought I would get tired of winter, but this girl is looking forward to some warm, sunny days for the first time ever. ^.^

Looking through my profile this morning, deleting a bunch of old communities of fandoms (wow, that's a word I haven't used in a while) I don't have interest in anymore. Harry Potter was THE fandom for me...always will be...and now that we've experienced its ending, moving on seemed to be the right thing to do. Same with Naruto. My son helped me fill the void with a couple of new shows such as Firefly, which I loved, and the BBC series Sherlock which is surprisingly excellent. Anyway, yes...my profile is now up to date and a better representation of the current me. Hmm, somewhat dull! :D

Speaking of son...


Thanks to valeria_15, misseri44, and senior_witch for the very warm hellos yesterday. Missed you, friends, and I'm very happy to be in your company. <3

Have a great day, y'all!

Hi, friends!

Wow. Livejournal has REALLY changed. Came over to dust it off and found a brand new place. Not sure how to feel about that. ^.^ Gonna remember, though, that change IS good..and the change includes a new layout and maybe the occasional post.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I turned *gasp* 50 years old. I've been asked by several people if I'm mourning about it. They're surprised by the casual way I say no, it's cool and life is still really good. I decided, despite some roadblocks currently, that I'm just gonna step up my game and be grateful for what the future has in store for me.

My husband Andy changed jobs in 2013 and is happily in a much better position than before and with a new company. The poor guy is making enough money now to let us breathe deeper for a change, and he's content with the way he provides for us. I knew he was poor when I married him and have always accepted his efforts to take care of us either way so this is just like having extra toppings on the pizza. I'm so so proud of him. And hmm, my children are now 23 and 18. All grown up. How they're managing adulthood is another story. :/

Not sure if any of you still visit LJ, but I hope to stop in from time to time and say hello.

I've missed you all,...hoping some of you are still here. :)